Home Renovation

Delivering integrated Home Renovation services to build lasting success

At the Renovation Experts, we understand what home means to our clients. For most of the people it’s a one-one-time and lifelong investment that they spend their hard-earned money on. Buying a residential property in Dubai is a handful task but giving it a personal touch to suit your preferences and personality is even harder. This is where our team comes to the rescue. We believe your house should narrate your story and reflect who you are to give a sense of belongingness to you.

Home Renovation

A change in the atmosphere of your house can have a great impact on your health and lifestyle.

Something as simple as a refreshed coat of paint on the walls can add liveliness to your home. Your home is supposed to be a safe haven for you and your family, thus it is important to ensure that it is source of comfort and contentment for you.

Although every project adds to our experiences and portfolio, but we make sure your house stands out amongst others with its unique design. We like to challenge ourselves to come up with innovative designs that improve the functionality and visual appearance of your home.

Home Renovation

Why Should You Renovate Your House?

A top to toe makeover of your house may require a handsome budget! However, with our team’s guidance you can choose to renovate efficiently without compromising on quality and your preferences. Over the time the building material tends to deteriorate especially if it’s an early construction. To ensure your safety it is important to renovate your house and get rid of any cracks or leakages. Remodeling your house also aids in getting rid of any mold or mildew which can pose serious health concerns.

As a renovation company with years of experience in the construction industry in Dubai, we have a command over the growing trends and what looks best according to your residential property. The preliminary inspection of our client’s house and their conceptualization helps us understand their needs and aids in deciding whether an entire change of layout is required or renovating the existing structure will do. The cost of any home renovation of course depends on the scope of work.

Home Renovation

What To Expect?

Renovating and redesigning your house in Dubai includes repainting the walls, replacing windows, updating the ventilation system, installing light fixtures and appliances, redoing the tile work and much more. Nowadays, people are inclined towards statement lighting, huge mirrors and light monochromatic themes to give their space a chic and classy look. Adding big statement indoor plants is another way of revamping your home. The most important aspect of home remodeling is synchronization and coherence of design.

Remodeling one’s house/apartment can get overwhelming but it can be made easier by hiring a team of professionals who are good at what they do. Our team offers a great deal of designing options from layouts to color combinations for you to decide from.

Home Renovation

Making Sustainable Choices

In present times, it is our duty to also think about our environment and choose sustainable options for building and renovations. A number of environmental-friendly construction materials are available in market that help us reduce our carbon print. Installing energy conserving lights and low-flow faucets or using crushed recycled glass counter tops are just to mention a few sustainable practices.

Exercising safe construction practices is extremely crucial when it comes to home renovations in Dubai. Our competent team ensures the safety of our clients as well as the labor executing the designs. Not only do we use the highest quality materials for durability, but also deploy labors with flawless craftsmanship to achieve best results. A thorough inspection is also carried out for quality assurance and safety check purposes.

Home Renovation

Turning Your Dream Home Into A Reality!

Our team stays in close contact with the clients from the beginning of the project till the completion and handing over the property. A 3D rendering is done to help our clients visualize what their house will look like after renovations. We prioritize our clients’ preferences and keep them in loop at every step. During the process all legal documentation and permit approvals are taken care of by out competent team to ensure a smooth progress of your remodeling project.

Home renovations also improve the future prospects of your house in terms of its financial worth in the market. It’s always a win-win situation whether you want to continue living in the newly renovated house or resell it. Call us today to know more about our home renovation services and set the mood and vibe of your house by renovating it with us!

Frequently asked questions

The following section contains the most asked questions regarding home remodeling and renovation in Dubai. Reading through these queries and responses will account for your concerns.

How much does it cost to fully renovate a house in Dubai?

Fully renovating a house involves multiple factors like remodeling the layout, buying the material, installing fixtures and appliances etc. The incurring cost is estimated based on these factors as well as the area of the house and whether any alterations need to be made by expanding it. To give you an idea, a renovation in Dubai costs anywhere around 5% to 15% of your house’s value. Renovation Experts streamlines your requirements and works around your budget.

Which area of the house should be renovated first and last?

Ideally, the areas that would require the most demolishing and stripping should be done first. In most of the cases, that is the kitchen area. You wouldn’t want the dust and debris from the renovations to sit on your fresh coat of paint on other walls. In case the homeowners are residing in the house during the renovation period, then it is even a better idea to get the kitchen renovated first as it is the most used area of the house.

The last job to be done in renovating a house in Dubai is to decorate it. You need to add different accents to your home by hanging beautiful paintings, doing necessary upholstery, placing the furniture etc.

How long does it take to remodel and renovate a house in Dubai?

Renovating a house in Dubai is a time taking and painstaking process. Depending on the size of the house and scope of renovation, it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months to remodel a house completely given that there are no delays. In case of any unforeseen delays, it may take longer than this. A number of contractors don’t commit to the project dedicatedly which leads to several delays in the delivery, however, Renovation Experts is a reputable company in Dubai that delivers on time. We make sure that all the documentation and approvals are taken care of and the project is finished before the delivery date without any hassle.

How can I make my home renovations successful?

Setting realistic expectations is the first step to making your house renovations successful. Secondly, hire a reputable and qualified contractor or renovation company like the Renovation Experts; they save you time and effort.

It is best to handover your house to the professionals and get relocated to some other place while your house undergoes renovations. This gives them the liberty to work efficiently without disturbing their flow of work.

The key factor in achieving your renovation goals is to be decisive and to give your input at all stages. Keep visiting every now and then during the renovations so that you can make any alterations to your taste before moving in.

If you’re renovating one area at a time, then it is better to cover other areas with plastic sheets so that the dust doesn’t make them dirty.

Can I increase the number of rooms in my house through renovations?

Yes, you can increase the number of rooms in your house by renovating it. The change in the Auto CAD model requires special permits in Dubai; nevertheless Renovation Experts applies for all the required permissions. You can also decrease the number of rooms in your house by merging them together. We can remodel and redesign the interior of your rooms to suit your needs like a home office, gym, kids playroom, nursery etc.

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