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Bathroom Renovation in Dubai

Bathrooms are supposed to be a safe haven to relax and rewind after a tiring day and to rejuvenate yourself before getting on with your hectic day. Having a bathroom that has soothing lighting that calms your nerves, a relaxing shower area and bathtub, and ample storage is a dream for every apartment owner in Dubai. While not every master bathroom has the ambiance and amenities of your choice, you can always opt for a bathroom renovation in Dubai to achieve your desired results.  

Well, our clients had just moved into an apartment in Dubai and wanted to renovate their bathrooms. They wanted their master bathroom to give them a feel of a resort within their home, so they opted for a full bathroom renovation and redesign. We made major and minor changes in the master bathroom so that it checks all the boxes for our clients in terms of aesthetic appeal, convenience, and comfort. Here’s what the master bathroom of this apartment looks like after the Renovation Experts transformed it.

bathroom renovation in dubai


To accentuate the beauty of the master bathroom, we installed a gorgeous white vanity with plenty of storage space. This vanity features closed cabinets for securing any toiletries as well as open shelves for reaching out to anything that you need at hand daily.

One of the key reasons to renovate any space is to make it more practical and convenient for the users. Thus, we installed double sinks with ample shelf space so our clients could mutually use the space without any worries.

This bathroom renovation in Dubai called for a large LED-lit mirror! We placed a rectangular mirror along the length of the bathroom above the vanity to give the illusion of a bigger space; it looks magnificent, classy, and aesthetic.




One of the most significant and often overlooked parts of the bathroom is the toilet. The entire look of a bathroom falls apart if it has a toilet that is not appealing to the eye and is inconvenient to use. When the Renovation Experts stepped into this apartment for bathroom renovation, the first thing we discussed was to install a sleek, modern, and wall-mounted toilet.


Wall-mounted toilets tend to make the bathrooms look more spacious than floor-mounted toilets since they take up less area. They are also great for promoting cleanliness and hygiene as there are fewer chances of dirt and germ accumulation.


bathroom renovation in dubai
bathroom renovation in dubai


Shower niches are an interesting way to bring some definition to flat surfaces like the walls of the bathroom. Since the chosen color scheme for this bathroom renovation in Dubai was rather warm and dark, we added a decorative wall niche as well as a shower niche to store shampoo bottles and other bath essentials.

Our clients wanted a bathroom renovation that gave them a spacious shower area and a bathtub too. We decided to revamp the bathroom by installing glass walls and a door; the transparency of the glass helps give a sense of bigger space in the bathroom.

The installation of an overhead, gravity-fed rain shower totally uplifted the shower game! It is a contemporary and excellent innovation to divide the water flow equally by reducing the size of water drops and increasing the area. There’s an additional hand shower too in a sleek design that goes with the theme of the bathroom.


Bathroom fixtures by Kludi RAK are a picture of sheer elegance and class, therefore, we decided to install a deep bathtub from their range. It is perfect to immerse your body completely and have a relaxing bath time to ease your nerves.

The walls of this master bathroom feature a combination of Armani marble in light grey and an accent wall behind the bathtub, made with warm grey loft concrete. It is so well-polished that it reflects the entire bathroom like a mirror. Not to mention, this statement wall has transformed the bathroom by adding drama and warmth to the space

After demolishing the bathroom and redesigning it, we thought of giving it a contemporary look by laying down large tiles in a light grey color. Tiles in larger sizes tend to be easier to clean as they accumulate less grime and they give a polished look to the bathroom.

bathroom renovation in dubai
bathroom renovation in dubai



This master bathroom was given a top-to-bottom renovation by Renovation Experts. We installed a gypsum ceiling to add sophistication to the space. The ceiling features recessed lighting in warm tones to bring a serene vibe to the bathroom. The idea here is to give multiple lighting options to our clients so they can set it as per their mood and requirements. Overall, the bathroom is well-lit with LED lights that can be turned on for additional brightness.

Once we handed over the house to our clients, they were on cloud nine to see their newly renovated master bathroom. All the hard work and planning that we had put in as a team made this bathroom renovation project in Dubai a successful one. If you are on the hunt for a leading renovation company in Dubai for remodeling your home, please feel free to contact Renovation Experts



bathroom renovation in dubai