Commercial Fitout

Building your retails franchise stores, office workspaces and commercial sites

Make the visual appearance of your business aesthetically pleasing with our classy and practical commercial fitout styles. In Dubai, the atmosphere of your commercial sites heavily influences the profitability and productivity of your business. Therefore, our team tailors your commercial fitout as per your needs and future goals.

Commercial Fitout

Renovation Experts grow your business into a profitable one with impressive visual impact thought aesthetics and practicality on your clientele.

Commercial Fitout

What Is Seen, Is Sold!

Your retail franchise is the forefront of your company. Having a quality product is not enough to accomplish your business financial goals, it is equally important to present your product or service in an appealing way that persuades your customers to buy it.

Shopping in Dubai is a luxurious experience where customers are always inclined towards impressive and premium retail stores that LOOK GOOD.  Who is not curious to explore an eye-catching store? The influx of customers to your retail sites can amplify and boost your sales.

To maximize your profits at any retail store, it is important to show your product or service as the only thing that your client needs. This is an impossible task if your commercial store is unplanned and not well-designed. The team at Renovation Experts has a knack for customizing your store according to your business goals.

Commercial Fitout

Digitization of Commercial Sites

Your commercial site is much more than just a place to sell, it is. MARKETING STRATEGY!

With the digitization of the commercial world and advancement in customer services sector every retail store in Dubai wants to offer maximum support to their customers without hiring too many employees. Digitization of your commercial site is the key to growing your business in the global world. People are more comfortable looking at the screens than talking to real humans, therefore we provide innovative solutions to our clients which includes equipping the store with electronic screens where they can market the product, play advertisements, take orders etc.

Commercial Fitout

Office and Workspace Fit-Outs

Renovation Experts is also renowned for designing and building highly functional office workspaces that increase the productivity of your employees.

The environment at any workplace has the power to either improve or deteriorate the energy of your workforce. Do you feel like you have a mind block and none of the solutions seem to be working? Is your team energetic and looks forward to coming into work every day? Is your workspace design employee-friendly?  Answering these questions will help you understand why you need a professional to redo your office and design it according to the needs of your business and workforce. While every company varies with the leadership style, one aspect remains consistent across all of them; a happy workforce is elementary for satisfied clients and customers. Employees working in well-equipped and well-designed offices have a greater ratio of work satisfaction and better performance which in turn helps them increase their productivity and motivates then to serve your clients better.

Commercial Fitout

Individual Or Shared Spaces

Whether you have a big office space that requires a top-to-toe makeover or you have a small commercial site, our team takes it as a challenge to design it up to the standard.

We also offer our services to improvise on shared working space where two or more businesses are working under the same roof as different companies with distinct teams. If you’re looking for a commercial fit-out for shared spaces, we can give you a free estimate upon inspection.

Commercial Fitout

Customize To Stand Out

At Renovation Experts, we put our heads together to make you stand out amongst your competitors. Dubai is a highly advanced city in terms of infrastructure and design, thus it is important that you have a distinguished appearance and position in the market. Combining practical layouts with high quality materials and commendable craftsmanship we build your bespoke commercial fitout.

We emphasize on making your office and retail sites welcoming by remodeling and refurbishing the reception area, work desks, counters etc. You can elevate the look of your office with raised ceilings, contemporary lighting, glass walls and accessories like paintings. Moreover, the storage space can also be increased by installing the right kind of multipurpose furniture.

While we understand that creating a bespoke commercial fit-out can cost a hefty amount, we try to work around our client’s budget to help them accomplish their dream workspace without going overboard. Our competent team also specializes in offering ready-to-operate turnkey projects for our clients’ convenience.

Our customer service is always present online to help you with your queries about commercial fit-outs and office renovations. Reach out to us to get a free consultation for our commercial sites.

Frequently asked questions

We have put together a few frequently asked questions and their answers in this section to address your queries regarding commercial fit-outs in Dubai.

Have other questions? Get in touch with our customer service team to book a free consultation.

What is a commercial fit-out construction and how is it different from renovation?

Commercial fit-outs mean modifying and preparing a building to be occupied for any commercial business purposes. Commercial fit-out is a term often used interchangeably with office renovations  however fit-outs are done for the properties that only have a basic structure and need to be transformed according to the occupant’s needs. On the other hand, renovations are carried out in the existing/ operating offices to renew and rejuvenate the look of the space. In both the cases, Renovation Experts provide matchless services to suit accommodate your requirements.

What elements are included in a commercial fit-out?

For offices and workspaces, commercial fit-out construction includes various details like raising floors, blinds and window furnishing, making welcoming receptions and suspended ceilings etc.

Building the cabins and work desks as well as finishing the meeting and conference rooms is included in commercial fit-outs in Dubai. Installing storage cabinets, fitting the light fixtures and other necessary equipments is also a part of the service.

How to make your retail store stand out and successful in Dubai?

To give individuality to your retail store or commercial site, you need to get it designed according to your customers’ preferences; see whether they like wide aisles or narrow ones, what kind of setting in your store brings in more foot traffic etc. analyzing these factors will give you an insight in to what your ideal fit-out design should be.

To make your commercial store stand out, align the décor with your business values. For instance, if your product/service is related to natural products, then go for mood lighting and light colors and earthy toned building materials like natural stones and rocks.

Lighting also plays a key role in finalizing the look of your commercial set ups. Choose the correct color and brightness of your lighting to bring attention to your products in the aisles. Good lighting helps your customers navigate through the aisle which increase the chances of them purchasing it. Keeping your store’s decompression area also makes a positive impression on the customers.

Do commercial fit-outs and interior design of office affect the productivity at workspace?

Yes, the interior of your office can greatly influence the productivity of your team and efficiency of work. The commercial fit out of your workspace must accommodate particular needs of your employees like storage, work desks, an equipped kitchen for tea and coffee etc. The design of your commercial fit-out should include natural lighting source as well as additional artificial lighting; the warmth of natural light is highly rejuvenating as it increase Vitamin D in the body and doesn’t let your employees feel fatigued easily. An energetic employee, equipped with all the right things to complete a task can perform very well, consequently increasing your workspace productivity and profitability. A commercial fit-out can be used to make your employees feel welcomed at work and stimulate creativity in them.

How can we make environment-friendly choices with commercial fit-outs in Dubai?

You can do your part by going green while building commercial fit-outs. There are a number of options in the market that help you conserve energy in the form of electricity, water and fuel.

Brighten up your office with more natural sources of light than artificial lighting. You can install glass cabin dividers across the workspace to improve the vividness and for sunlight to cross them. Power-saving LED bulbs are another way to reduce your carbon print as they consume less energy and are 100% recyclable.

Flooring can also be done with sustainable options like bamboo and recycled timber. Linoleum and polished concrete are suitable options too for making eco-friendly choices. Installing low-flow faucets and dual-flush toilets in the restroom is another practice to save water.

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