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We change the ins and outs of your buildings!

Renovation Experts is where technical knowledge meets creativity to develop one-of-its kind infrastructures. Catering to your interior design needs, our team plans your space, creates blue prints and builds structures that last a lifetime. Revamp and revive your residential and commercial sites in Dubai with artistic and functional interior designing with Renovation Experts.

interior design

Revamp and revive your residential and commercial sites in Dubai with artistic and functional interior design

Our team keenly inspects your site and suggests ways of transforming it according to your needs and budget. After a thorough inspection and studying the feasibility of the design, we create blueprints for the new structures considering the weight of the building, climate, safety regulations and legal permissions.

Working collaboratively with our clients to ensure their convenience is our specialization. For a better visual understanding, our team of qualified architects and engineers prepares 3D rendering models which give our clients an insight into the final look of their architectural site. Our architects are also present at the renovation site for keeping a check on the progress and consultation. They ensure your property is handled safely and is secure for your use.  

interior design

The Visual Impact of Interior Design

Interior design is what makes or breaks a place. You can have a huge house or office in the most posh area of Dubai, but if it doesn’t have a remarkable interior then it won’t look worthy of its value.

Renovation Experts present versatile options to their clients when it comes to interior designing and architecture. We strive for adding a personal touch to your project to make it attractive and eye-catching.

Interior Design

Make Your Property Standout

What makes your interior design the one to look at or to talk about? It is the customization and attention to details!

Combining the right textures and colors in furniture and accessories is what brings sophistication to your place. The placement of every piece is also very crucial, but first of all it is important to decide on a style. Whether it’s your house or office or a retail shop in Dubai, your interior design must tell a tale!

Our team shows illustrations of various styles that you can choose from. These styles include contemporary interior, traditional, Bohemian, simple, eclectic, rustic or any themed design. The crux of the matter is that you need to pick on an interior designing style that your walls, furniture, lights, accessories, every thing adheres to and which aligns with the surrounding infrastructure of your site.

Interior Design

What Do We Construct?

Renovation Experts is known for offering architectural and interior design services in residential as well as commercial properties in Dubai. Whether you have an office, retail store, hospital, salon, house, apartment or villa, we curate designs to suit your niche and line of work. Our tailored design for each project is what makes your site exceptional and unique.

Interior Design

Why to Make Changes?

While not everyone is comfortable adjusting to change, it mostly has a positive impact. Changing the visual dynamics of your commercial and residential sites can impressively increase their worth in the market. People like to be in places that look and feel good.

A modified interior design of your workspace can open gates to increased productivity in your team which also influences the profitability of your business.

In addition to that, ample storage space can be added to your house and office through planning and architectural restructuring which ensures a clean, organized and mess-free space. When things are put away in the right place, it gives a sense of calmness and ease.

With the correct choice of lights in your living room and the perfectly picked statement mirror and console at the entrance of your house you can totally change the way others perceive your home. To elevate the look of your space it is essential to make changes and alterations in the layout as well as the furniture, but this can be a daunting task. It is exactly why you need to give the Renovation Experts a call.

To enquire more about architectural redesigning and interior design of your commercial and residential sites in Dubai, reach us out on our landline or online details.

Frequently asked questions

In the following section we have tried to answer some frequently asked questions about architectural and interior designing services. In case of further queries, please contact our team. We will gladly respond to all your queries in detail.

What are the elements of interior designing?

The combination of seven elements comprises interior designing. These elements include color, form, light, line, pattern, texture and space. Playing around with these factors helps create multiple artistic interior designing styles. Having a light-colored room with bright lighting can make it seem bigger than its actual size, whereas dark colors tend to constrict the size of the room with its blocking illusion. Form is the contouring of furniture or any other object in the room. Patterns and texture a key role in assessing the feel of the room. Considering the space which means the dimensions is highly important when decorating the room with shelves, carpets and other furnishings.

What is included in architectural and interior designing services in Dubai?

This service includes focusing on the structure and visual appearance of your property whether it is residential or commercial by emphasizing on its adaptive reuse. Through this service, you can remodel and renovate your house by changing the way it is built and the way it looks. It incorporates technology and creativity to construct an artistic interior atmosphere in your house/workspace. Reputable companies like Renovation Experts offer architectural and interior designing services that can revive your space like no other.

Determine the focal point of your room; this emphasizes the viewers’ attention on that certain area. Building a statement wall with a life-size painting or beautifying the walls with huge mirrors is a tried and tested way. Adding more big plants, upgrading your flooring and placing various décor items that align with the design of your home/office can be another way to make your space aesthetic. To make your space visually appealing, it is better to hire professionals like Renovation Experts who understand your needs and provide you with solutions for your architectural and interior designing fixes.

Does the architecture and interior designing influence the worth and value of my property in Dubai?

Yes, for what it’s worth, the architectural renovation of your property can substantially increase its value in the real estate market of Dubai. Hiring a professional company to renovate the interior and architecture of your property can be extremely beneficial in this regard as they can plan and design according to the trending features that raise the worth of your home/commercial site up to 20% of the valuation of your property.

Why is an architect’s recommendation and consultation important for remodeling?

An architect is a professional who is qualified and experienced to design the layout of your property for any architectural changes. Architects also keep the legal regulations in mind while planning the structure of your house or office. Other than that they ensure the design and renovated property pose no safety hazard to the inhabitants. This is the reason that Renovation Experts almost always has an architect present at the site for consultation and counseling regarding any architectural and interior design modifications.

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