Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are said to be the heart of one’s house.

Cooking is an act of service which is a great way to show love to your loved ones, however an outdated and unpractical kitchen can turn it into a burden. If you feel the same way about your kitchen then it’s overdue for a much-needed kitchen renovation that will refresh the vibe of your home.

kitchen renovation

Whether it’s a big kitchen or a small one, it is definitely a place where memories are made.

Kitchen Renovation

Why Consider Kitchen Renovation?

At Renovation Experts, we understand that kitchen is not just a place to cook in your house. It’s a place for socialization too where you spend time chatting away with your partner and children, sharing the highs and lows of your life, celebrating your moments of success and holidays by hosting your family and friends. This is the space in your house that most of your memories are associated with, thus it needs to be on-point and up to date. We help you make your memories aesthetically pleasing and heartwarming by giving your kitchen a complete makeover according to your wishes and requirements.

The organization of your kitchen appliances and pantry is highly dependent on how efficient the design of your kitchen is. It can be a kitchen of a decently-sized cozy apartment or a luxurious villa, but if its not well-designed to optimize the space then not only does it make it hard to work in the kitchen, but also looks messy and disorganized.

Kitchen Renovation

How Can We Help You?

At the Renovation Experts, there are no boundaries to creativity and innovation. We bring your dream kitchen to life in the most convenient way by offering multiple innovative kitchen renovation ideas and solutions to you. Renovating your kitchen in Dubai can be a tedious task when it comes to changing the 3D Autocad models as certain permits are required. This is exactly why you need Renovation Experts to get this job done for you. We take care of all the regulation and documentation work for you.

Kitchen Renovation

Remodel For Growth!

Remodeling and renovating your kitchen are key factors in increasing the value of your house/ apartment in Dubai. Although investing in renovations may seem like a lot in the beginning as it requires a decent budget to source high quality materials, but it has a great turn over in terms of multiplying the price value of your house at the time of resale.

For us, our client’s needs matter the most. We aim at keeping our clients involved at every stage of the process of renovation. From the time we conduct the early inspection of your kitchen to the development of new remodeled design and to picking out the raw materials, we emphasize on our client’s engagement and contribution to the process.

Making the right choice of colors, lighting, fittings and appliance positions is the most important and crucial step in renovating your kitchen. Efficient and correct decisions regarding these elements can elevate the entire look of your kitchen. Moreover, it is of utmost importance to make the kitchen aesthetically pleasing and coherent with other areas of your home especially if you choose to renovate one area at a time.

Kitchen Renovation

Improve The Functionality

In every house, kitchen is the place where you prepare a hearty meal for your family, share laughter with them while chopping off those vegetables on the counter top or waiting on the island stools while those popcorns pop in the microwave but what follows the dinner time is cleaning the kitchen. This specific chore is not the most favorite part for everyone but it can be a fun and easy daily chore if your kitchen is designed in an efficient way.

There are many layouts for kitchen remodeling including L-shaped, U-shaped, island modular kitchen, open kitchen and parallel kitchen. There are other layouts as well but the most popular one L-shaped kitchen. These layouts improve the functionality and outlook of your kitchen and every layout serves a different role for instance U-shaped kitchens have ample storage space and free floor so your movement is not hindered whereas the L-shaped kitchens have a triangle layout between cooking, cleaning and storage. Depending on the layout of your kitchen you can conveniently store your groceries, cook peacefully clean swiftly to give an organized impression of your home.

These kitchen architectural layouts also have an impact of how roomy or stuffy your home looks. An open kitchen or parallel modular kitchen give the illusion of a bigger space with more volume. Our expert team assists you with understanding what work best for the kitchen in your home and how we can incorporate your inspirations in the design to make it a newly renovated and flawless kitchen.

Likewise, the roof style, paneling, window frames and cabinet colors also affect the overall look of your kitchen. We suggest to our clients which textures and colors accentuate their kitchen’s look, this is tricky task as it has to check all the boxes according to what our client’s vision is for their home.

Fortunately, our clients have always been satisfied with our services because of our team’s commitment and dedication to strive for the best results. Invest on your kitchen renovation today to improve the future prospects of your house/apartment. Reach out to our team through call or message to get a free quote for your kitchen renovation!

Frequently asked questions

These FAQs will help you answer most of your kitchen renovation-related queries. Our team is always present to respond to your concerns and queries over a phone call, on social media handles as well as in person. In case of further queries regarding remodeling and redesigning of a kitchen in your house, kindly contact us.

How to make my kitchen look bigger?

Any room can be made to look larger than its actual size per square footage with a number of designing and architectural tactics. To give an illusion of space in your kitchen, you should use light and neutral tone color palette. Same colored ceiling also gives a sense of continuity which makes the kitchen look bigger vertically.

Furbish without blocking any space! Use glass door cabinets and light colored counter tops that aren’t gaudy. You can also add an element of class and spaciousness by installing glass doors or transparent walls.

Increasing the brightness also addresses this issue. The amount of sunlight that enters your kitchen can considerably influence the perception of space in your kitchen.

For giving a roomy feel to your kitchen you can renovate and remodel it to build an open style kitchen and merge the living room with the kitchen. This gives you liberty for easy movement and the continuity adds to the roominess of your kitchen.

How to make my kitchen more user-friendly?

The functionality of your kitchen makes a great difference to your productivity. Some DIY tips as well as help from renovation professionals can make your kitchen your favorite spot in the house.

You can install appliances that quicken and aid the process of cooking like microwave, oven, kettle, induction stove, exhaust and dishwasher. These appliances speed up time-taking tasks for instance thawing meat, heating up some morning coffee etc.

The layout and model of your kitchen is another interesting factor involved improving the practicality of your kitchen. Renovation Experts can plan your kitchen using certain layouts that accommodate your need. Most of the people find L-shaped and U-shaped layout as it is easier to grab things from the fridge, wash them and cook them in a triangular layout.

Installing drawer dividers can be a game changer for your kitchen. They offer multiple organizing storage spaces that you can utilize for setting up your crockery, cutlery and even ready-to-use packaged groceries.

To find out more about adding convenience to your kitchen area, contact Renovation Experts today!

Which style and interior design of kitchen is suitable for a small apartment in Dubai?

Styling and designing a kitchen for a small cozy apartment in Dubai can be tricky. What matters is that you use every inch toy our advantage. For this, you need to renovate your humble kitchen by experienced professionals who will advise you the layouts that will work the best for your apartment size.

Consider remodeling your kitchen in a U-shaped layout which gives the opportunity for additional storage as well as helps you achieve that golden working triangle in the kitchen.

L-shaped kitchens are also popular in apartments as the cabinetry runs along two adjacent walls leaving ample room in the center for free movement.

Which kind of kitchen layout is more suitable for a house/villa in Dubai?

A well-designed kitchen can add life to your house. To unleash the real potential of your large-sized kitchen, it is essential to decide on an efficient layout. The most widely used layout for spacious kitchens are G-shaped, L-shaped, Island modular and U-shaped models. These layouts amplify the beauty of your home by utilizing the space in a beneficial yet luxurious way. You can create your bespoke villa kitchen by hiring reliable contractors like Renovation Experts to bring your vision to life.

How much does it cost and how long it takes to renovate a kitchen in Dubai?

Kitchen renovation and remodeling can be a time consuming and effort-taking task when it comes to revamping your house in Dubai. Every client has a distinct idea of what their kitchen should look like after renovating it; this determines the building material that has to be bought, the layout changes that have to be made. All of this influences the cost estimates. It is wise to first set aside a budget and then start the renovation.

While the cost of renovating a traditional and modern kitchen renovation may fall between 4000 and 12000 AED, the budget for remodeling and designing a luxury kitchen ranges between 15000 AED to 30000 AED on average. These prices vary from project to project depending on the location, size, materials, designing, model and installation of appliances in the kitchen.

Time durations vary according to the scope of work; on an average a moderate-sized kitchen takes anywhere between 6-8 weeks and a bespoke kitchen remodel in a villa takes about 10-12 weeks.

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