Bathroom Renovation

Build a bathroom retreat for yourself for an everyday escape!

Bathroom is often the most overlooked and neglected area when it comes to renovating the house, however a bathroom renovation can wash away most of your worries. We, at Renovation Experts help you revive your boring bathroom by providing remodeling and renovation services.

bathroom renovation

We make sure that your bathroom is transformed into a relaxing space where you can calm your nerves after a long tiring day.

Everyone’s day starts with a trip to the bathroom but how many of us realize that the aura of our bathroom influences our mood and sets the tone for the rest of our day? It is important for us to feel rejuvenated when we start our day with an act as simple as brushing our teeth or showering.

Whether you have just moved into an apartment or house in Dubai which is not aesthetically pleasing to you or you are tired of your current outdated bathroom, you can easily get it remodeled and renovated by the Renovation Experts. In order to remodel a bathroom, we ask our clients about their choice of colors that they find soothing or if they want a bold statement bathroom that adds an element to the house.

bathroom renovation

What to Expect?​

While remodeling a bathroom in your house in Dubai can be an expensive investment, it is something that is always worth it. It is a wise choice to set aside a budget that you want to spend on your bathroom renovations; this aids in achieving desired results with optimal efficiency without going overboard with your budget. The experienced professionals at Renovation Experts help you design your dream bathroom without you overspending.

bathroom renovation

Redesigning Helps Maintain Hygiene!

Hygiene is the most significant concern around bathrooms as they are prone to be damp which breeds different bacteria, mold and mildew. Therefore, it is essential to design and build your bathroom in a way that reduces these factors. Having an adequately ventilated bathroom helps dry up the moisture in the bathroom as well as regulates the odor. Moreover, using big tiles while renovating your bathroom can be a total game changer; not only does it lessen the grime and effort of cleaning it, but also adds a sense of continuity and openness to the bathroom.

bathroom renovation

Maximize Your Storage with Renovation

In our renovation business, we have come across all sorts of bathrooms and all of them have their pros and cons. However, one concern persists across all of them, which is storage. In case of bathrooms the more storage there is, the merrier it is. It can be a hassle to store your towels, toiletries and cleaning tools, but an efficiently renovated bathroom always provides you with ample storage space to organize all your bathroom items. Having a tall vertical corner cupboard or a 2-in-1 vanity is a great idea to increase the storage in your bathroom whether it’s big or small.

bathroom renovation

How Much Does It Cost?

By now you must be already thinking of renovating your bathroom, but how much does it cost? Well, the renovation costs in Dubai totally depend on the scope of renovation, whether it’s a simpler task of refinishing and painting or a major work of changing the bathroom fittings, plumbing and electrical connections etc. It also varies depending on the size of your bathroom and the materials used in renovation. We urge our clients to choose high quality materials and products as they are long lasting and durable. For getting a quote, you can contact our team and we will be happy to help you build the bathroom of your dreams.

bathroom renovation

What’s Trending?

Once you decide on getting your bathroom renovated, we provide you with multiple layouts and designs according to your current bathroom and running trends.

Nowadays minimalistic designs and monochromatic themes are considered fashionable in the renovation and construction industry. These give an illusion of bigger space and most of the people feel at ease and peace when surrounded with light and subtle colors. However, it is up to your personal choice and preference.

To make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing, statement lighting and mirrors work the best. To add more character to your space, natural materials like stones and bold painting or floating shelves with plants placed on them can also be incorporated.

At the Renovation Experts, we like to challenge ourselves and offer you the most innovative solutions for bathroom remodeling within your budget. To know more about what’s trending and how you can elevate your washroom/bathroom, drop us a message on our contact details.

Frequently asked questions

This section about remodeling and renovating your bathroom will help you answer all your questions and concerns regarding the subject. We have tried to cater to all your concerns here, however in case of further queries our team will be happy to guide you.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Dubai?

Bathroom renovations can be costly if the space and layout is completely remodeled. This requires extensive plumbing work like alterations in the drainage system as well as other pipelines, fitting the hardware, fixtures and faucets; the more the plumbing work is, the more expensive it becomes. If you just need a change of tiles or wall color, then it is much more affordable and cheaper. On an average, a bathroom renovation in Dubai can cost anywhere from 20,000 AED TO 35000 AED depending on the size of the room and scope of work. Nonetheless, the experienced professionals at Renovation Experts design stylish bathrooms within your budget once you contact them with your renovation queries.

Currently, minimalistic as well as rustic and contemporary bathrooms are trending in Dubai. Bathrooms built with earthy-toned material exude class and elegance. Colors including olive green, peachy pink, grey and seaside blue are top trending for tiling in the bathrooms.

For flooring, Terrazzo speckled tiles and anthracite flooring is another hit these days. A great number of people incline toward geometric patterns in tiles to make them look modern and contemporary.

Mirrored walls and frameless showers with seem-less glass walls are also on top of the list in bathroom renovation trends in Dubai. For a luxurious visual appearance backlit vanity mirrors are an impressive choice; they surely make you feel VIP.

How to maximize the storage space in bathroom?

Renovating your bathroom can be a great way to increase the storage space in your bathroom. Corner shelves or cupboards utilize the L-shape of the bathroom walls; they don’t take up much space but provide excellent room for organizing toiletries. A sturdy vanity with spacious cabinets can be another way to increase storage space in the bathroom. For keeping tissues, plants and other décor items, floating shelves can be installed too.

How should I start my bathroom renovation and remodeling?

The initial stage of renovating your bathroom involves getting inspiration about the design and style of your bathroom. You must do your research and gather ideas about what you want your bathroom to look like. A lot of times we ask our clients what they want to feel and experience in their bathrooms, this helps us jot down what their needs are and how they can be addressed by renovating their bathrooms.

The second step is to hire a reliable and certified contractor or renovation company like Renovation Experts. They can guide you regarding the remodeling and redesigning of the bathroom. You have to decide on the scope of work, as in what must be changed; do fixtures need to be replaced with new ones, do these fixture need to be relocated by planning a new layout of the bathroom etc.

Subsequently, you have to allocate a budget for remodeling your bathroom. After this, materials are ordered and required legal permits are applied for. Once the plan for layout is approved, it is then executed by professionals to make your dream bathroom come true.

What are the don’ts when it comes to bathroom /washroom renovations?

Bathrooms and washrooms tend to accumulate moisture inevitably due to the extensive usage of water in them. Moisture is not only a breeding ground for bacteria that disrupt your health, but also affects the interior of the bathroom if it is not designed carefully.

First thing to avoid in your bathroom is carpeting; carpets absorb moisture and any spillage of water can leave them damp for hours which produces bad odor in the bathroom.

Secondly, try not to use wooden flooring or other materials that are only water resistant but not waterproof. These materials eventually soak up water and their longevity is compromised.

In addition to this, don’t hire a contractor only because they’re relatively much cheaper than others. A jack of all trades and master of none can totally mess up your bathroom plumbing and electric wiring work which will waste your valuable time, hard-earned money and effort of renovating the bathroom. You can contact reliable contractors like us; the team at Renovation Experts suggest their clients the best solutions and guide them about the dos and don’ts regarding all kinds of renovations.

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