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Residential properties in Dubai have a lot to offer to the people living there. Villas are especially a popular type of residence amongst the citizens. If you own a villa in Dubai, here’s your cue to read more about the ways you can optimize your space. Villa extension is considered a fantastic way to increase the worth of your villa and provide you with a sweet home personalized to your choice.

villa extension

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Your villa must be huge but is it up to your standards and requirements?
Does it have enough number of rooms for you and your family and most importantly do you find it to be a reflection of your personality?

These are the questions every villa owner must ask themselves before deciding to expand their villa. The professionals at Renovation Experts help you understand exactly why you need to extend your villa and how you can achieve it.

villa extension

Villa Extension or Relocating; What’s Better?

Renovating your villa and extending it can prove to be much more cost-effective and beneficial than relocating and moving homes in Dubai. Not only does it save you the time for house-hunting, but also saves you money that you would have spent buying a new house and relocating all your belongings to it.

Another reason to extend your villa is the preservation of all your memories. When you spend years living in a house that you have called your home and made memories of with your loved ones, it can be emotionally exhausting to leave it and relocate to some other space.  It takes time to find comfort and solace in a new house, but what if you can just upgrade your own villa according to your current and future needs? Look no further, Renovation Experts is great at renewing your villa exactly according to your needs.

villa extension

Developing Your Bespoke Villa

The key to perfect villa extension lies in understanding and revealing the hidden potential in your property. Our team members have an eye for it and they pair their technical knowledge with the potential of your house to create a bespoke villa for you. We pay attention to details to add individuality to every project.

Whether you want to change the style of your villa from a conventional to a contemporary one or change the entire layout for maximum space utilization, we do it all. You can accomplish a number of goals through villa extension with Renovation Experts. For example, increasing the square footage of your villa by increasing the number of rooms or you might want a bigger family hall/kitchen or an additional car porch. The possibilities are endless.

With every passing day of our lives, we grow and so do our needs. Your family may have grown or you may have picked on a hobby like yoga or art, that requires specific kind of space. With villa extension you can counter all these concerns. We can also work on improving the storage in your house by changing the landscape of your villa.

villa extension

Maximize Your Property Turnover

Villa extensions are also beneficial in the long run as they substantially increase the worth of your property in Dubai. Owning an up-to-date, remodeled and luxurious villa can open gates to better payoff prospects.

While all of these benefits may sound very positive, a villa extension does require a handsome budget. Installing high quality appliances and systems and using premium quality materials can be a little heavy on the pocket, however our team suggests the maximum you can achieve within your budget.

villa extension

How We Make It Happen?

Once our client is done discussing their needs with us during the inspection of the villa, we prepare a 3D rendering model for them to understand and visualize the complete look. A villa extension permit/license is applied for at the DED after which the 3D Autocat models are sent to the community of architects where the model is approved. This is followed by the selection of materials and the execution for design. To ensure your safety, a final inspection is conducted before handing over the renovated villa to you.

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. As a team we believe in performing in efficient ways that add to your convenience. To book a free consultation, kindly book an appointment and let’s talk about how we can make your villa a piece of art and grandeur..


The following section contains the most asked questions regarding villa extension and renovation in Dubai. Reading through these queries and responses will account for your concerns.

Is villa extension a better idea than relocating to another house in Dubai?

Extending your villa can initially seem like a lot of investment; however it is still considered a better idea than buying a new house. The miscellaneous costs, like shifting of your belongings etc, that incur other than the cost of buying a new house eventually add up to be much more than the cost of villa extension and remodeling.


It is also not convenient to leave and let go a house full of memories with your friends and family. Another problem with relocating the house is that eventually you’ll have to spend on it to add a touch of your personality to it, which you can also do in your existing villa that too at a much less price.


Other than that, setting up a new house and decorating it is not everyone’s cup of tea; it takes effort, time and money to settle into a new place, make new acquaintances with the neighbors and get used to the new neighborhood. All in all, villa extension is a much better option than buying and relocating to a new house in Dubai.

How much does a villa extension cost in Dubai?

The budgeting and costs of villa extension varies greatly from project to project depending on the scope of work. A villa extension that requires top-to-toe renovation while expanding the square footage area and redesigning the interior can cost a generous amount. The team at Renovation Experts understands your needs and works around your budget by advising what can be achieved within your set budget. Usually, a major villa extension costs about 10% of the worth of the house.

What are the pros of renovating and extending a villa in Dubai?

Extending your villa in Dubai can be very beneficial whether you choose to continue residing in it or decide to sell it. By extending your villa, you can tackle and account for a number of issues like improving on compromised privacy, increasing the space in your rooms by expanding the square footage and even adding number of rooms to your villa. You can remodel your villa to customize rooms according to your preference; a lot of people pick on hobbies over time like yoga, gaming, gym etc, and like to make their homes accommodating of their hobbies. This can be accomplished by transforming your villa and creating more room for activities like a gym or playroom for kids or a gaming lounge.  Including these benefits, villa extension can also increase the value of your villa at the time of resale in the property market of Dubai.

Is any special permission required for villa extension and renovation in Dubai?

Any villa extension involves alterations in the 3D model of the house. This requires special permits from the DED which is followed by getting approval on the new AutoCAD model by the architects’ community. All of this is done to ensure the new design is safe for occupancy. Renovation Experts are very punctual and proper about getting all the necessary legal permits and documentations to maintain the flow of work so that the progress of the project is not hindered.

Does villa extension increase the worth and resale value of the property in Dubai?

Yes! Villa extension can substantially increase the worth of your villa in Dubai especially if you increase the square footage of your house. A bespoke, customized villa which is newly renovated is made with high-quality material and excellent interior designing which adds to the grandeur as well as the worth of your house. Adding number of rooms also helps increase the value of your house in the real estate market.

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