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Anantara Residences, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Apartment Renovation at Anantara Residences Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The prestige and luxurious lifestyle in Palm Jumeirah is no surprise to anyone. The waterfront views from the apartments on this palm-shaped island are uncanny and unmatchable. With so much beauty glimmering around you, wouldn’t you want your home to reflect the same beauty? 

Our revered clients, residing in an apartment at Anantara Residences, came to us with the same desire in their hearts. They wanted a home that was a reflection of their personality, so we decided to renovate their home!

This home renovation in Dubai is one of its kind where we remodeled, redesigned, and revamped the entire house. From the living lounge and kitchen to bedrooms and bathrooms, the Renovation Experts transformed their apartment as per their wishes.

Kitchen renovation in Dubai

Open style, extended kitchen in the renovated apartment

The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially when it is built with an open kitchen layout. Our key aims during this kitchen renovation in Dubai were expanding the kitchen area and integrating it well with the living room which had to serve as a dining room as well. To make the kitchen more spacious and functionally practical, we had to demolish it from the ceiling to the floor. Starting from scratch, we installed a contemporary gypsum ceiling with ample lighting to brighten up the space.


Newly renovated kitchen with Oxford Oak cabinets

Moving to the fixtures, we designed and installed the cabinets in an Oxford Oak color that complemented the ivory shade of the wall. Light colors are the best choice to give an illusion of space; therefore, we paired ivory, light brown, and tan colors.

Paying attention to the details, like installing invisible cabinets that don’t have tacky handles, instantly adds class and elegance to the kitchen. While redesigning the kitchen cabinets and kitchen counter, we aimed to increase the storage space without compromising on the aesthetics and practicality. Thanks to our professional team, we succeeded in extending the kitchen area and improving storage, making it a successful home renovation project in Dubai.



Kitchen renovation in Dubai
Elegant dining area after home renovation

Elegant dining area after home renovation


What’s more regal than a combination of deep blue with gold for dining chairs around a contemporary glass-top dining table? It is an ethereal combo that took our breath away, especially as we drew away those ceiling-to-floor grey curtains to reveal the marvelous waterfront views of Palm Jumeirah.


Vibrant yet sophisticated living room post living room renovation

Taking inspiration from the color of the ocean that surrounds this world-class grandeur, that is Palm Jumeirah, we used a combination of deep blue with mustard yellow and accents of gold. This breathtaking color combination is trending these days and integrating it through the living furniture made the area vibrant and breezy.

Cozy and bright mustard yellow recliners, and tan grey sofas with gold detailing that complimented the ivory and gold center tables brought the living room together, giving it a modern and contemporary look.


Vibrant yet sophisticated living room post living room renovation
kids bathroom Apartment Renovation Anatara Residences Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Kids’ bathroom

One aspect of home renovation and remodeling that is often neglected, but is the key to giving a resort-like vibe to your home is bathroom renovation. It is one of the most used areas of any house and our clients wanted to experience the ultimate luxury in their bathrooms. Both, the master bathroom and kids’ bathroom were renovated by the Renovation Experts with due diligence. Once the bathrooms were demolished, we built the gypsum ceiling, laid down tiles, and installed new vanity and bathroom fixtures.

During the kids’ bathroom renovation, we focused on making it practical and easy to use. Keeping that in mind, a glass wall separation for the shower area was installed and the shower features both, a hand shower and one on the top.

Master bathroom

The master room’s bathroom features a double sink vanity and a huge LED-lit mirror. Our clients opted for the bathtub as well as shower in the master en suite to make the most out of the space.

To give an extraordinary and magnificent look to the bathroom, we used large-sized Armani marble in a spellbounding light grey. The shower area is separated by installing a glass wall; this makes the bathroom look and feel roomy.

master bathroom Apartment Renovation Anatara Residences Palm Jumeirah Dubai
Claudi RAK bathtub in the master bathroom, installed in front of accent wall

For the ultra-modern, resort-like look, we made a statement wall behind the bathtub with a loft concrete in a warm grey shade. The bathtub accessories are from the popular Claudi RAK, which lasts a lifetime.


A major task during the renovation of this apartment was the ceiling work that included, the installation of a gypsum ceiling and painting it, as well as making access doors to access the air conditioner unit and water heaters. All the plumbing work was carried out by our proficient team with due care.

Master bedroom after renovation and remodeling

White, grey, and light brown make one of the most sophisticated color combinations for bedrooms. In the master bedroom, we played around with accents of shiny gold, geometrical designs, and textures like velvet and suede to create a statement wall for the bed, complimented by two eccentric night lights hanging from the ceiling on both sides of the bed.


Our clients emphasized having a study by the window where they could soak in the magnificent sight of the blue waves while working on their projects. The color of the tiles in the bedroom is in alignment with the tones used around the room for furniture and lights.



master bedroom Apartment Renovation Anatara Residences Palm Jumeirah Dubai
kids bedroom Apartment Renovation Anatara Residences Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Kids’ bedroom transformation after renovation

In the kids’ bedroom, we placed two twin beds and kept it minimalistic with a chic chest of drawers.

Wardrobes in the master and kids’ room

Designing and installing wardrobes in the master bedroom and kids’ room was also a part of this apartment renovation in Palm Jumeirah. We made sure that the wardrobe area looked neat as well as roomy by using white as a color of choice. To sort out the shoes that end up being scattered all over the floor, an ergonomically designed shoe rack was installed in the living room.


Newly designed wardrobe in the master bedroom
Stunning home renovation results

Stunning home renovation results

This apartment renovation in Palm Jumeirah came to a full circle with a fresh coat of paint and accessories in the right place. In the end, our client’s satisfaction and beaming faces are all that matter to us at the Renovation Experts. If you are looking to renovate your home in Dubai, please feel free to reach out to our team.