Villa Renovation




Sidra 2, Dubai Hills Estate

Villa Renovation at Sidra Dubai Hills Estate

This gorgeous villa located in the Dubai Hills Estate had immense potential that needed to be unleashed and our team did just that! 

We took it upon ourselves to meticulously redesign the villa by extending it according to our client’s current needs in the given time frame. The homeowners wished for a house with additional space for a home office, a more spacious master bedroom, a cozy and comfortable family area in their garden, a refreshed kitchen, and a welcoming entrance. In this double-story villa, some areas needed complete demolition and reconstruction during the process of villa extension and others just needed a coat of fresh paint. Our team members put their heads together to focus on each area by magnifying its beauty individually and seamlessly bringing together the entire villa for a complete look.

Let’s walk you through the ground plus first-floor modifications this villa in Dubai Hills Estate went through to become a bespoke home to our dear clients.

Villa Renovation at Sidra Dubai Hills Estate

A Fine Dining Room For Savoring Appetizing Food

Our professional architects designed a layout for the villa extension for both floors- ground and first floor which was then brought to life by our team. The process involved laying the concrete and base plate foundation, creating load-bearing beams in the bottom, and connecting it with the existing columns, installing a fortified MS structure and building the roof. Once the frame was ready, we built the walls and turned the ground floor extension into a dining room. 

This dining room features a delicate crystal chandelier that adds warmth and class to the space. The addition of a full-size glass wall lets in natural light to complement the light cream shade of the wall.

A Tucked Away Contemporary Home-Office  

Above the dining room, on first floor, we created a home office for our client. This minimalistic room features a window for ventilation and light and a contemporary chandelier with metal and glass elements to go with the rest of the room. It is a perfect area to work in solitude on your office projects without feeling aloof from the remaining areas of the villa.


Villa Renovation at Sidra Dubai Hills Estate
Villa Renovation at Sidra Dubai Hills Estate

Terrace Extension In The Master Bedroom


We focused on helping our clients feel rejuvenated every morning by remodeling the master bedroom to create a space where they can stand, soak in the sunshine, and revive their energy. To achieve this goal, we extended the terrace by removing the sliding door and adding more area to it. With that, the master bedroom looks more spacious than ever.

Garden Modified Into A Family Lounge


Home is where the heart is! To invoke a sense of togetherness and to rejoice in the good moments with family and friends, we turned the garden into a tiled barbeque area surrounded by a flowerbed for plantation. Now our clients have a bespoke area in their villa where they can bond over the aromas and flavors of charcoal!


Villa Renovation at Sidra Dubai Hills Estate
Villa Renovation at Sidra Dubai Hills Estate

Personalized Kitchen Renovation

Our client’s day starts with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, so we made sure the kitchen was in the ideal condition to set the right tone for the day. The kitchen renovation involved separating the open-plan kitchen from the lounge by creating a partition wall for privacy, followed by adjustment of the kitchen counters. To jazz up the atmosphere, a fresh coat of paint was applied to the walls and roof.

Miscellaneous Touch Ups And RenovationsHome Renovation Inside The Villa

While we have mentioned the bigger chunks of our labor during this villa extension here, we must admit any project is incomplete without the miscellaneous tasks that take up time and energy. This remodeling and renovation project also included redoing the flooring with top-quality tiles from Ras al Khaima. Grouting between the tiles was also done for a finished look. In addition to that, the walls were plastered and painted as per the need.

Villa Renovation at Sidra Dubai Hills Estate
Villa Renovation at Sidra Dubai Hills Estate

Restoring And Replenishing The Exteriors


Our workers leave no stone unturned when renovating a villa in Dubai! We restored the house exteriors once all the construction for the villa extension was done by applying a fresh coat of paint and adding texture; this ensured that the exteriors of the newly built areas matched the previous color and texture of the house.

The results were flawless and exactly what our company aims for; perfectly customized villa extension and satisfied clients!

Villa Renovation at Sidra Dubai Hills Estate
Villa Renovation at Sidra Dubai Hills Estate