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Kitchen Renovation In Dubai

A kitchen is where love brews when you cook a hearty meal for your loved ones. Being one of the most used areas in any home, a kitchen has to be spot on. Our clients had recently moved to an apartment in Palm Jumeirah, the most iconic area in Dubai that showcases a beautiful sight of the blue waters of the beach. However, the kitchen was not up to their liking, so they decided to get it renovated by Renovation Experts.


As a leading renovation company in Dubai, we offer the best solutions to transform their kitchen according to their needs and requirements. Let’s give you an insight into the redesigning and Kitchen Renovation in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah Apartment!

Kitchen renovation in Dubai


First things first, we crafted a new layout and design for this kitchen as our clients required a big kitchen where they could move freely and easily. Kitchen Extension in Dubai is a common renovation service and one of the most availed services at the Renovation Experts. Therefore, our clients completely put their trust in us for this project.

This kitchen remodel features an open-style kitchen that merges with the dining room and living room. It was extended for additional space and convenience.


Since this apartment has an open kitchen, we had to make sure that the color scheme would complement the shades in the living room. We opted for a timeless color combination of oak, white, blue, and gold. The contrasting shades accentuate the beauty of the apartment and go really well with the blue shades of ocean and white sandy beaches outside. The hint of gold adds drama and a sense of luxury to the kitchen.


Kitchen renovation in Dubai
Kitchen renovation in dubai



The most significant part of any kitchen renovation is the installation of kitchen cabinets and countertops. The ergonomic design of kitchen cabinets ensures you have plenty of space that can be utilized to its fullest without any inconveniences. The interior designers at Renovation Experts chose Oxford Oak for the cabinets and kitchen island, and the countertops in white with marble detailing to bring the look together.

To increase the storage space in this kitchen, we have installed cabinets on top as well as the bottom. The kitchen island features three deep-blue island chairs around it and a sink with a pull-down faucet for easy cleaning.



Integrated kitchen appliances by TEKA, were installed during this kitchen renovation. TEKA is one of the most popular and highly demanded appliance companies, so we decided to install an induction top, a fridge, a microwave, and an oven from their ranges. The sleek design of these appliances gives a modern, contemporary, and neat look to the kitchen.


Kitchen renovation in Dubai
Elegant dining area after home renovation


We placed the dining table right across the kitchen island. This dining table has a glass table top and brown wooden legs that match the legs of island chairs. Six luxurious dining chairs that feature a quilted velvet suede design in deep blue color with golden legs are placed around the dining table.  



Since the previous kitchen had to be demolished completely, we renewed the look of this kitchen by adding a gypsum ceiling with recessed lighting. The room already welcomes ample light through the glass doors facing the sea, but we added extra lights in the ceiling to make it vibrant and bright. The ventilation and cooling systems were also installed after the renovation.


To sum it up, our clients were satisfied with all the changes Renovation Experts did in their kitchen and they were grateful for a smooth and speedy remodel and renovation. If you are looking for an experienced company for kitchen renovation in Dubai, please feel free to drop us a message, we will be happy to answer your queries.


Kitchen renovation in Dubai