The Bathroom Renovation checklist that will increase your house value in Dubai

Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms can be a great way to replenish your energy everyday at the beginning and end of the day, but an even better way to multiply the worth of your house in Dubai. Bathroom renovation in your house according to the current trends helps elevate the visual appeal and value of your home.

Do you ever feel like experiencing spa in the comfort of your house on your time of convenience? Well, a luxurious and soothing bathroom can help you unwind your thoughts and relax while you take that soothing hot shower. Whether you have just gotten back from that HIT workout at the gym or you have spent the entire day cooking your favorite dishes in the kitchen, you need to feel rejuvenated with a clean body and calmer mind.

Making your bathroom a relaxing retreat for you is possible now with renovations and remodeling no matter what the size of your bathroom is. Renovation Experts’ team has been designing and building bathrooms to fit its clients’ preferences.  Here is a comprehensive checklist that will help you decide the elements of bathroom remodeling and renovation as well as increase your property value in Dubai.

Budgeting and Styling

To make your bathroom standout like rest of the areas in your house, it is essential to decide on a style that you want to design around and keep a budget in mind to not go overboard with the expenditure. The style of your bathroom’s layout and interior should reflect your personality and personal style. Whether you love nature, sleek geometric designs or a mix of both, there is a bathroom renovation style for everyone and the qualified team at Renovation Experts helps you translate your personal style into the design of your bathroom.

For selecting the style of your bathroom, our team shows multiple styles for your renovation inspiration. These styles include Modern, Eclectic, Asian, Rustic, Victorian, Tropical, Transitional, Scandinavian designs etc. Our clients tend to pick the styles that they find functionally efficient as well as mentally relaxing and harmonious with their ideologies. Once the style is selected, our team members work collaboratively to advise what fixtures and layouts will be feasible. Depending on the materials and area of the bathroom, the scope of work is determined according to which an expected expenditure is quoted. 

Changes in Plumbing and Electrical Wiring

The key aspect of remodeling a bathroom in your house is to lay down flawless plumbing foundations and electrical wiring. A complete makeover of the bathroom means improvising the drainage system by tedious plumbing work; this is done according to the placement of fixtures like sink, bath tub, shower and toilet in the bathroom. Similarly, electrical wiring is altered and adjusted according to the lights and ventilation system.

Bathroom Renovation

Appropriate Fixtures and Faucets

 The fixtures in your bathrooms impact the visual appearance of the space as well as your daily life. Bathroom fixtures include the permanent features of your bathroom like toilet, bath tub, sink, shower, vanity etc. whereas the faucets are the fittings that regulate the flow of water. People tend to like a bathroom with shower plus tub setting if their bathroom is roomy and wall fitted toilet fixtures. These fixtures are supposed to accommodate your needs by being fitted according to your height, weight and other special needs in case of health issues.

Complimenting Walls and Flooring for the Win

Bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in your house, thus designing them in a way that makes maintenance easy for hygiene is extremely crucial. Water spillage and leakage on the floor is inevitable in washrooms and bathrooms, therefore you need walls and floor that not only resist the water from penetrating them, but are totally impermeable. Tiling is a widely used method for flooring for the same reason; it does not absorb any water!

For bathroom flooring best materials one can use are ceramic and porcelain tiles. They come in a great range of colors, designs and sizes. A number of flooring and wall designs can be achieved by creative placement of tiles, however you need a word from professionals like our team members at Renovation Experts to help you pick the right tile and pattern for your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation
Beautiful Vanity with Statement Mirror

People who fancy a luxurious bathroom where they like to unwind and relax like their vanities with statement mirror and lighting. Vanity is piece of furniture that has a fantastic potential to offer you great storage capacity for your skincare and medicines. Currently, huge round and geometrical mirrors with built-in LED lights are trending in Dubai’s renovation industry. Another idea to make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing can be the addition of a contrasting colored vanity with a custom pattern or paint over it.

Adequate Lighting and Ventilation

Two of the most important factors for consideration during a bathroom renovation are lighting and ventilation. Does it feel stuffy and gloomy in your bathroom? Then it probably needs better ventilation pathways. Dampness in bathrooms is a breeding ground for many bacteria and molds that can pose serious harm to our health. Therefore, having windows and other ventilation systems is of utmost importance. While remodeling your bathroom in Dubai, you can change the 3D model of your space to create more windows for additional sunlight.

Bathroom Renovation
Live Sustainably

Making informed and environment-friendly choices while renovating our bathroom is our responsibility. To reduce the water wastage, dual flush toilets and controlled-flow faucets can be installed.

Amplify Your Bathroom Storage

Redesigning your bathroom gives you an opportunity to increase your storage space by installing vertical cabinets, indented shelves and floating shelves. Corner cabinets are another impressive way to create more organization space without blocking too much area. Additional storage cabinets and cupboards in your bathroom help you organize your toiletries which add to your convenience as well as to the neatness of the area.

Bathroom Renovation

Let’s Sum It Up!

Bathroom renovations in Dubai can be a tiring task especially when it comes to following regulations and acquiring permits. Choosing the right contractor can bring your vision to life without any hassle. Renovation Experts has a team of certified engineers and qualified architects and interior designers who can renovate your bathroom for a bespoke luxurious look. Tell us more about your bathroom and we’ll give you a renewed redesigned bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

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