Post pandemic Era: A Shift from Physical Office to Home Office

Post pandemic Era: A Shift from Physical Office to Home Office

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the entire world, including Dubai into shutting down their physical offices, pushing everyone into working from home; it was then that people realized how convenient and underrated work-from-home opportunities are. 


As soon as the social distancing restrictions were relaxed and the people of Dubai started getting back to their lives, they recognized their hesitance in returning to their physical offices; instead, most people now prefer work from home or a hybrid working style. The paradigm shift in working style is not the only change that was noticed and experienced, the way of living has also altered ; most people set up a home office to get the feel of an office at home.


Dubai is also the fastest-growing business hub globally, and to continue developing, it has taken initiatives that invite people to work without owning a physical office in the city. The ‘Freelance Permit’ and ‘e-commerce license’ are just to list a few gateways to work in Dubai without a physical office; these initiatives have also gotten the attention of many locals as well as foreigners who have adapted to this new way of working and arranged a home-office setup. 

Here is all you need to know about home offices!

Post pandemic Era: A Shift from Physical Office to Home Office

Are you worried about creating a working space in your current home and confused about the spot you should choose?, Well, we have got your back!, Professional renovators like us, Renovation Experts, know exactly how to help you in this regard.

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to renovate the existing home and create an office area within it or do you want to extend your house and create a separate room for this purpose. By opting for an extension, you will add square footage to your house and have ample area to build an aesthetically pleasing home office. Nonetheless, there are multiple ways to create a home office by renovating your current space without altering the size of your home too. All you need to do is to contact a trustworthy renovation company like Renovation Experts.


To optimize your productivity, it is essential to consider what drives you to put effort into your work?, Do you like dark, cozy environments or do you prefer neat and clean, bright and organized atmospheres?, Does an element of quirkiness aid your thought process and creativity, or are you able to focus better when in a modernistic serious environment?, Answering these questions will set you in the right direction.


1-Home Office Space and Position:

Choose an area with the least distractions in your home; it can maybe away from the kid’s room or the living room to avoid any clutter and noise from interrupting you. When selecting a spot for your workstation or desk, ensure the area is well-lit and ventilated. If you have an option for a good view outside the window, then it is better to place your desk near the window so you can take a break by shifting your attention.


2- Home Office Furniture:

Many home office furniture options are available these days that are not gaudy and can be placed in a smaller space like homes and apartments. Wooden furniture in light monochromatic colors or evergreen desks in original wood polish is on trend. Shelves, chairs, and 1-seater or 2-seater sofas in light-colored fabrics with textures also give a structure to your home office.


3- Lighting:

It is imperative to work in adequate lighting where glare from direct sunlight doesn’t affect your eye health. Good lighting can help you focus better and think clearer. You can add sustainable lighting to make it an environment-friendly home office. A classy wooden or aluminum standing lamp also adds character to the room.


4- Storage:

Organizing your work documents and notes saves you ample time and hassle. The qualified interior designers at Renovation Experts design bespoke storage drawers and wardrobes that fit your room’s vibes and improve its functionality.

Post pandemic Era: A Shift from Physical Office to Home Office

Final Thoughts

Setting up your home office takes planning, designing, and labor, but with the growing needs of these times, we must adapt to the new work-from-home era. Renovation Experts is your best bet at designing your own home office in Dubai; give us a call to book your consultation.

Post pandemic Era: A Shift from Physical Office to Home Office
Post pandemic Era: A Shift from Physical Office to Home Office

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