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Remodeling your house in Dubai can be an exciting yet a daunting task. It takes a great deal of planning, effort and expertise to transform one’s house into a refreshing space that they can call their home. However, renovation companies operating in Dubai like ‘Renovation Experts’ take up on your house as a project to give it a complete makeover top to toe by providing innovative home improvement solutions. 

Here are three tips for revamping your property that will increase the resale value of your house in Dubai without exceeding your budget!


Renovating your house is not the same as experimenting with DIY hacks or changing the setting of your furniture, instead it means completely redoing your existing house. By renovating your home, you upgrade your property according to the current trends, construct with more recent, high quality materials and refresh the vibe of your home; all of these factors add to the monetary value of your house.


Getting a bespoke house design in Dubai is not as simple as it sounds. It takes years of experience, know-how of the permits for various services and credibility to bring your vision to life. How you take inspiration from various interior designs to create your own customized and artistic house/office is not a talent know to layman. Our team at ‘Renovation Experts’ does all the tedious and necessary coordination from designing to planning to arranging permits from the very beginning of the project till the time of completion. The added tag of an authentic renovation company is a cherry on top when it comes to the value of your house in the real estate market.


It’s a far better idea to renovate your entire house in a go instead of focusing on one room at time. This saves you a ton money when your contractor buys the construction and decoration material in a bulk amount and uses it efficiently without wasting any bit. The hassle of applying for permits back and forth when they get expired is also a financially taxing process therefore an overall makeover is always a preference. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can take a start with any room for renovation in your house.

A top-to-toe renovation and remodeling of house may include restructuring your 3D model and layout of the house, increasing the free area for movement, repainting the walls, replacing the tiles etc. In a nutshell, it includes anything and everything that elevates the interior and architecture of your house/villa/apartment.  

Another essential aspect to be taken into consideration is the surrounding of your house. While you might want your house to stand out amongst others in the community, it is crucial to build your house in coherence and up to the standards. For that, first of all you need to pick on an inspiration for styling and then decide on an interior designing style, then choose the best quality materials that give a luxurious look like natural stones and execute the design with full efficiency and attention to detail.

You can also add storage space to your house through renovations. This helps you increase the functionality as well as space in your home.

Creating effective and hidden storages that seem to blend with the furniture of your home is our team’s specialization.

Whether it is as big a project as villa extension or something simpler like remodeling of a hearty kitchen or remaking of a comfortable bathroom, you can call our team for a quick assessment and free estimate. We work around your budget without cutting corners or compromising on the quality. Staying in the business since the last decade has given us great insights about the real estate world and we try our best to offer the best possible home improvement solutions to the homeowners in Dubai. Your house is a reflection of who you are, therefore not only do we design the interiors and exteriors of the house according to the trends, but also add a personal touch to your home so you can feel a sense of belonging and connection to it. Together we can build your sweet home!

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