8 Kitchen Renovation Trends in Dubai You Need to Know in 2023

Kitchen Renovation Trends

Are you looking to refresh your kitchen design? Well, you have landed on the right page. While kitchen styles and designs keep changing continuously, they have revolutionalized in 2023. The trending kitchen interior trends allow room for personalization and inventiveness. Gear up as we have rounded up our favorite kitchen renovation trends to inspire your kitchen redesigning in Dubai.

Style and layout

Open kitchens are still trending as they extend the kitchen space to the living room. The kitchen is the heart of your home, where your family and friends gather to enjoy delicious meals and chit-chat over coffee. An open-style kitchen allows easy socialization and communication at home, adding warmth and coziness to your home.

Pop of Colors

White kitchens can never be out of fashion, but in 2023 renovation industry has seen a shift from monochromatic color palettes to high-contrast interiors. While in most houses, the core of the kitchen remains white, it is given a modern touch by adding contrasting hues of matte black, brown, and other bright colors. 

If you are a risk-taker, 2023 interior design trends offer various opportunities to showcase your creativity and versatility. 

Kitchen Renovation Trends
Bold colors are in!

To add character to your kitchen, you can add a pop of color to it by painting it in shades of green and blue. Such colors make you feel grounded and relaxed while working in the hot atmosphere of the kitchen, as these hues are closer to nature. 

Don’t be disappointed if you are not up for experimenting with dark and bright colors because there’s more in store. Chalky colors like pistachio green and peachy pink combined with wooden touch are also hot picks for kitchen renovations in Dubai. 

Say Bye to Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Another interesting interior design inspiration in 2023 is to have minimal or no upper cabinets. Instead, lower cabinets and drawers are in fashion these days. The absence of upper cabinets maximizes the airiness and spaciousness in the kitchen, giving it a neat look that all of us want for our kitchens. 

Another way to be creative with your cabinetry is to incorporate them into designs that conceal and merge their presence with other furniture in the kitchen. Wooden cabinetry with luxurious patterns and distinct finishes is popular in the kitchen remodeling world.

Kitchen Renovation Trends
Innovative Islands

Kitchen islands have the potential to elevate the look of your kitchen immensely. As per the 2023 architectural and interior design trends, large kitchen islands and double islands are in. These kitchen islands can offer plenty of storage space and warmth to the kitchen vibe, especially when designed in butcher block style in walnut shades. Butcher block islands also have ample space to store big electrical appliances. Another pro tip is to place electric outlets under the islands to conceal the clutter of appliance wires.

Secondary Kitchen Space

Stowaway kitchens are also a popular remodel demand these days. Homeowners prefer having a secondary kitchen space, or as people call it a “dirty kitchen” to do the prep work before cooking. 

Kitchen Renovation Trends
Asymmetric Lighting

To add a wow factor to your kitchen space, you have to work on the lighting. Currently, asymmetrical lighting like pendant lights with a metallic touch, is a big hit; they add personality, charm, and elegance to your kitchen. Having expansive windows also helps let in more natural light into the kitchen, which brightens up the space without wasting any power source.

Creative Backsplashes & Captivating Ceilings

Exquisite backsplashes can add life to your room! Try using marble and high-contrast stones to add a twist to your kitchen. Geometric-patterned wallpapers also make a great pick for backsplashes. Ceilings with wood paneling especially in dark hues add warmth and drama to the kitchen space. 

Showcasing Art

The concept of the kitchen is redefined as more people have started to emphasize aesthetics by adding magnified artwork and other decorative pieces. What’s a Dubai house without any bling, right? To revamp your kitchen you can add golden metallic vases and accessories.

Kitchen Renovation Trends

Final Thoughts

Redefine your kitchen aesthetics with us! Renovation Experts remodel and redesign fantastic kitchens to suit your daily needs and make them appealing to buyers. Give us a call today to make your kitchen dream come true. 

Kitchen Renovation Trends
Kitchen Renovation Trends

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